Bronze Art
Robert Şerban
Corneliu Antim
Corneliu Antim
   Slavenca Petre – a resonant name by itself – has been revealed to me through fastidious meetings- events. This sculptress should be seen in the wholeness of her sublime artistic endeavour.
I have always been captivated by creative intelligences, that have imagined finite forms within an infinite universe. Slavenca builds a sublime poetique of form born from the ineffable link between the abstract concept and the symbolic abreviation of the sculptural language.

   The lapidation of her construction, the dymanic of the shapes, the volumetric construction, the way she expresses symbols ( or signs) in her work, the subtlety of the chiseling of the finite material (bronze), the metaphoric transfiguration precise and elegant, all make this artist a forerunner of a strong line of form creators that have established contemporary sculpture as one of the most potent creative ambasadors for Romania in the world.

Corneliu Antim